Let us introduce ourselves.

WeCookIT starts in 2016 from a network of Italian manufacturing Companies active in the food service industry and sharing the same social values and fair business tenets: quality care, customers service, research and innovation, products developments, flexibility and reliability.

The mix of Companies making part of WeCookIT is very heterogeneous, ranging from artisans to industrial organisations but, no matter which the single size is, it can provide tailor-made products and services to its Partners. By the oldest Company established in 1864 to the youngest, set in 1983, the network relies upon a long-lasting, historically recognised manufacturing tradition, gathering unique technical experiences gained over the years and handed down through generations.

All Manufacturers in the net are based in a high-productive district located in Northern Italy, comprising Milan and Turin industrial hubs and bordering on Switzerland and France. Besides the clustering advantages, represented by operational cooperation and knowledge spillovers between its members, the proximity of their facilities turns out as a plus in logistic optimisation for the benefit of all Customers in the world. To even magnify this aspect, WeCookIT also includes a Logistic company.

WeCookIT provides a more complete service than any other player in the food service scenario, gathering the advantages and quality of buying products offered by their real manufacturers. A Made in Italy, all-in-one supply to Partners acting in the food service industry.

We are proud to invite you for a tour in our factories so as to meet us, discover our backgrounds and evaluate our products: just trust us and join our philosophy as a distributing Partner.